Keep the motorcross for Lierop and Sign this petition 19-01

Do you have archive data from MAC Lierop events/races from 1982 or before

After more than half a century the motorcross in the Hersel woods of Lierop might disappear. The last chance to prevent this is to change the opinion of the Province of Noord-Brabant. Then we can resque this unique international sand circuit and the large club of volunteers.


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The international signatories actually the petition will benefit. It shows people that the track internationally known and loved. In this case it is not strange to get petitions from all over the world due to the GPs and other major events in the past.


Keep the motorcross for Lierop and Sign this petition

Photo: Harrie Merks - Keep the motorcross for Lierop and Sign this petition.



Motorcross Lierop volunteers, inhabitants of Lierop and Someren, council, motorcross fans and sympathisers.



  • the disappearance of the motorcross in Lierop would be a big loss for the community of Lierop.

  • big detrimental effects for the social cohesion of Lierop and Someren.

  • the unique sand circuit the has put not only Lierop, but also Someren and the region on the map internationally.

And request


the States-Provincial of Noord Brabant to create an exception in the zoning ordinance to secure the future of motorcross in Lierop.


Let's make riding at MAC Lierop great again!


Sign the petition and confirm the email you'll receive. 1 vote per email address. 20 seconds of your time could save over 50 years motocross history in Lierop.


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Come on MX fans World wide. Lierop needs you now to stay open in the future.
Guys, please all sign this petition against the closure of Lierop:


You need to confirm your signing by clicking on the link you'll get in your email! Otherwise it doesn't count.


There's also gonna be a demonstration in Lierop in the near future to hopefully get the province to make an exception in the destination plan so the track can stay open.


Source: The Communitylist